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Fused silica block

All size of clear quartz glass tube

Pure white artificial stone type quartz

ZhengZhou STA quartz rod glass rod for optical applications

[HYMAN]wholesale thickness 0.5mm quartz plate,Ulra-thin quartz glass plate,quartz discs

High quality opaque tuned quartz crystal singing bowls :

Carbon Graphite Rods high pure graphite rod fishing electrode with nipples

High Purity Isostatic Graphite Crucible for Smelting and Casting Noble, Gold, Platinum

fiberglass rods

450gsm Emulsion Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat Used on Fiberglass Swimming Pool

fiberglass cloth for GFRP, fire blanket

China Ceramic fiber Tape

Fireproof refractory insulation fiber paper

1260C Refractory Insulation Ceramic Fiber Cloth for Industrial Furnace

Ceramic cotton fiber paper

Ceramic fiber pipe For Insulation of high-temperature pipe and instruments

Graphite Electrode ( RP Graphite Electrode HP Graphite Electrode UHP Graphite Electrode)

Good quality wollastonite powder

talc powder

Sepiolite fibre

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