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Advanced oil Fracture Proppant equipments

Pail, 14 Qt., White, Polypropylene- Xi'an Yamatake

LP-H602 Machining coolant/Metalworking fluid/Cutting fluid

Energy saving with nanotechnology for pumping unit

Split Bucket, 17 Qt., Gray, Plastic- Xi'an Yamatake

white petroleum jelly price good

Paraffin Waxes

Energy corrosion protection engine oil additive

Filter Bucket, 16 Qt., Yellow, Plastic- Xi'an Yamatake

Ethylene-Propylene Copolymer BT613 OCP Viscosity index improver lubricant additive

paraffin wax

Charging Bucket, 28 Qt., Yellow, Plastic- Xi'an Yamatake

Carbon Additive with 0.2% sulphur

BT135 Phenolic Ester Antioxidant`industry and gasoline oil antioxidant lubricant additive

daily chemical white petroleum jelly cosmetic petroleum jelly

Long burning time Liquid Chafing fuel from China

Heavy normal paraffin

High capacity ceramic particle Machine

Disinfectant Pail, 5 Qt, Rd, Ylw, Bl, Grn, PK4- Xi'an Yamatake

Hot pot buffet with No-smell Liquid Chafing fuel

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