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4MHZ 6MHZ 8MHZ 10MHZ 12MHZ 16MHZ HC-49S 49S 20PF DIP-2 NEW Original HC49US Crystals Resonators

130KVA MF Transformer / Welding Transformer for Spot Welders

piezoelectric crystal 3215 20.000mhz

Suzhou piezo stack linear actuator with wire

EMI spring sheet

Three phase diode rectifier

HGH25N120A 1200V 25A Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor TO-3P IGBT MOD Power Electronics Igbt


LVDT linear measuring sensor/transducer/scale/transmitter

New GSM GPRS module SIM900D

25MHZ 25.000MHZ 25M 49S 20PF DIP-2 NEW Original HC-49S HC49US Crystals Resonators

Liujing Single-phase Bridge Rectifier QL50A1000V

XF11678 Oscilator

Hot-Sale W Type SiC Heating Element

2015 filter

Semipack SKKT250/12E Thyristor module 250A 1200V SKKT250/12E Semiconductor Electronic Component

High power laser pointer

40khz 14mm car parking system ultrasonic sensor

Mega 2560 R3 Board with USB cable

High Quality 8.0x4.5mm SMD Quartz Crystal Resonator

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