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Plastic Auxiliary Agents (133) Rubber Auxiliary Agents (103)
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Municipal sewage treatment flocculant Cationic Polyacrylamide

polyaluminium chloride for water treatment powder

polyaluminium chloride 30% aluminum chemistry

flocculator polyaluminium chloride for water treatment

high quality polyaluminium chloride pac 28% 30%

Competitive Price Rubber Activator / Rubber Reclaiming Agent with super grade

Flame Retardant---BDDP

Spray drying poly aluminium chloride/PAC,30%

10-Bromodecanoic acid (50530-12-6) in China

BKC - Benzalkonium chloride 80%

granule powder anionic polymer flocculant chemicals

Lead Stearate PVC stabilizer

Zinc stearate for plastics

30% Poly aluminium chlorid/PAC

Industry water and drinking water treatment PAC

Pac 28% For Water Treatment

PAC polyaluminium chloridefor water treatment chemical, polyaluminium chloride pac

30% Roller drying PAC for water treatment

30% Roller drying PAC

Epoxy Plasticizer replace DOP/DBP Environment plasticizer

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