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005 Metallographic sample grinding polishing machine MetaPol 2200S

Multi Finger Caliper Suitable for all well deviations

High quality cheap price glass hydrometer factory 0.001 and 0.0005 precision

Impact Mattress Durability Tester

Wireless vibration sensor for remote condition monitoring for pumps in mining and petrochemical

LP-4010 Thickness Gauge

Height & Weight Tester

Digital Torque Meter Hios HP 10

Distance Measurer with Laser Point GC3002

Height Tester

HT-225A concrete rebound hammer Impact Hammer for construction

Innerspring Mattress Tester

010 Metallographic sample grinding polishing machine MetaPol 2250D

Electromotor AC Torque Motor Tester

8888 counts Volt/mA calibrator/ digital calibratorYH7007

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge ST5900 for Steel High accuracy

HEC101 Digital Metal Conductiviry Meter monitor

ROZH Wireless accelerometer(RH503) based condition monitoring

60 degree Gloss Meter MG6-F1(0-199.9Gu) , digital gloss meter,marble gloss meter,portable glosss

Portable Optical Tachometer

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