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Wireless vibration sensor for remote condition monitoring for pumps in mining and petrochemical

LP-4010 Thickness Gauge

Height & Weight Tester

Digital Torque Meter Hios HP 10

Distance Measurer with Laser Point GC3002

Height Tester

HT-225A concrete rebound hammer Impact Hammer for construction

Innerspring Mattress Tester

010 Metallographic sample grinding polishing machine MetaPol 2250D

Electromotor AC Torque Motor Tester

8888 counts Volt/mA calibrator/ digital calibratorYH7007

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge ST5900 for Steel High accuracy

HEC101 Digital Metal Conductiviry Meter monitor

ROZH Wireless accelerometer(RH503) based condition monitoring

60 degree Gloss Meter MG6-F1(0-199.9Gu) , digital gloss meter,marble gloss meter,portable glosss

Portable Optical Tachometer

express company external size dimensioning machine with check weigher

ILDM-150 With Bluetooth function

Portable Digital Roughness tester RoughScan

Set of 14 pcs densimeters 0.600-2.000

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