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female dummy model

Grey sexy lifelike window display female mannequin used for sale

fabric covered half body mannequin dummy

Clothing shop display design upper body male model

2015 New style kids clohtes shop decoration design

DEAN series Abstract Head fiberglass male mannequin

SD series male and female sports mannequins muscle mannequin

2015 New design child size mannequins

Wooden Flexible Manikin

White leatherette jewelry display mannequin for necklace

2015 hongfeng new style with makeup head female mannequins(FRP)

chinese sexy girl mannequins display in clothing shop, full body mannequins made in china

Cheap new pose abstract fabric cover female tailor/dummy mannequin

2015 newly adjustable lifelike sexy sitting female mannequin

Newly adjustable muscle sexy sitting male mannequins

Plastic mannequin dressmaker mannequin cheap cheap cheap full body mannequin

2015 New fashion display clothing adjustable skin color sitting male mannequins

female headless mannequin in matt white

dress form mannequin fabric mannequins half body torso

mannequin for lady clothes ,gloss black female dummy maniqui

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