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Digital Temperature Controllers

Carbon Dioxide Incubator CO2 INCUBATOR

High quality Low Temperature Thermostatic Circulator

Plant Growth Chamber

Laboratory stainless steel water bath stirrer

SG-20 Dry Block Heater

Shaking Incubator

Vertical/Horizontal/Table-top and open type shake incubator with CE confirmed

ISO9001 Certification Laboratory thermostat incubator

constant humidity & temperature chamber with CE confirmed

Universal Constant Humidity Temperature Chamber


Refrigerated Incubators, big lab oven

CE stainless steel 80L 160L Air jacket CO2 incubator, laboratory co2 incubator

HH-S1 Digital One-opening Laboratory Waterbath

HH-W420 Digital Thermostatic Laboratory Water Bath/Waterbath Boiler

widely used environmental chamber

Refrigerated Incubators

MK200-4 Dry Bath Incuabtor

THZ-312 Platform Constant Temperature Shaking Incubator

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