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Copper Eyelets Metal Brass Eyelet

4 big grommet eyelet for window curtain accessories 10mm-40mm metal big 4000# metal big eyelet

OEM metal stamping in China

40MM big metal grommet eyelet for window curtain accessories

4 big grommet eyelet for window curtain accessories 40mm metal curtain eyelet

rhinestone eyelet

brass eyelets and grommets wholesale

2014 Latest metal eyelet

plating metal eyelet for clothing shoes & curtain

special oval eyelet

Fashion high quality brass and steel oval/round shape shoe eyelet with grommet

Round brass eyelets , grommets , metal eyelet

smooth Oval shape metal eyelet for garment

Colored Metal Grommets,Brass Mesh Eyelet,Brass Ring Eyelet

custom-made various oval shaped eyelet

colored metal grommets,brass mesh eyelet,brass ring eyelet

brass garment eyelet

2014 6/28mm fashion gold/silver oval/triangle big metal silver colored 10mm brass belt flag eyel

metal oval eyelet for fabric

10mm inside diameter eyelet with grommets for shoes eyelet with legs/feet

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