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Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor with GPS devices interface

SIM900 original

high quality ultrasonic piezoultrasonic transducer for cleaning

HC-SFS202 integrated plc and hmi

Power-cut Magnetism Sustaining Rectifier Controller

DI635-2.5-3, red, small size laser diode module, Industrial

40KHZ60W Ultrasonic transducer PZT8

Electronic components LAN9220-ABZJ

Cylindrical Encapsulation Compeletly Lead-Free Quartz Resonator

TCXO Crystal Oscillator;HC-49,SM-49,CPX-42,TC-38;32.768KHZ

Single Fiber 1x9 Optical Transceiver Module

Rectifiers Manufacturers D220N20T31 EUPEC Diode

high quality industrial igbt module

DI650-2.5-3, red, small size laser diode module, Industrial

compression spring fixed RTD sensors product from China

Westcode thyristor N540CH16

CITIZEN Oscillator CS32538 4MABJUT

KD324515 FUJI GTR Power Transistor Module

common mode choke core,inductor core

Rectifiers Manufacturers D798N14T-K Infineon Diode

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