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MIX-28 Dancing Fairy -Vortexer Smart Mixer Thermo Shaker Incubator Oscillator

AV8X Microwave YIG-tuned bandpass filter

New and Original Infineon FZ800R33KF2C FF1200R12KE3 IGBT Module

Mitsubishi IPM PM150RLA120

2013 newest IEC socket EMC filters with 2 fuses and a switch for integrated electronic equipment

Eupec SCR/GTO module T718N16TOC

12V-24V-36V 10A DC Motor Speed Control PWM HHO RC Controller

Array Ultrasonic Transducer/immersion ultrasonic transducers

CE Certificate EMI Filter Frequency Output Filter,Single Grade Common Mode Enhanced Filter

High-frequnecy Switching Automatic Switchover Power Supply

Rosemount RTD High performance sensor

GTB Series Magnetic Control Panel

RX075FD28K WESTCODE transistor scr

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor with GPS devices interface

SIM900 original

high quality ultrasonic piezoultrasonic transducer for cleaning

HC-SFS202 integrated plc and hmi

Power-cut Magnetism Sustaining Rectifier Controller

DI635-2.5-3, red, small size laser diode module, Industrial

40KHZ60W Ultrasonic transducer PZT8

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